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15 Businesses With a Great Social Media Presence

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

General Electric

General Electric stays relevant with gorgeous Instagram photos and science tips on Twitter. It launched an ad campaign that increased company recruitment by 800 percent, as reported by Libris.


The rental hosting company Airbnb uses visual media to inspire. By featuring real travelers and hosts, its social media presence communicates the brand's values.


The multinational campaigns that Coke presents foster creativity and sharing. Its social media strategy consists of engaging content like the 'Share a Coke' campaign and a video series with famous YouTubers.


Nike's 'Just Do It.' marketing campaign is one of the most recognized in the world. The company is not afraid to use inspirational public figures to lead campaigns. Nike is known for taking huge risks.


The pizza chain Domino's has come a long way in the art of social media strategy. Since taking on some negativity, it has upped its game on social media. Creating fun and unique social engagements like 'tweet-to-order' and the ability to create an ultimate pizza design has helped it grow.


The soap company Dove is a brand that knows its demographic and centers its strategy around it. Its goal is to help all women realize their beauty potential. The brand does this with inspiring social media that creates a positive atmosphere.


LEGO gives ownership to its fans by letting them be a part of the design process. LEGO lets fans submit their own creations for a chance to become an official set. Social media campaigns like this one create loyal customers.


Streaming music service Pandora is known for its visually stunning social media content. Its biggest focus is creating a cohesive look that is relatable and personal to consumers.


Oreo makes it a mission to continually produce relevant content. The brand has popular tweets and is even on sites like Snapchat and other video sharing sites.


Shoe company Adidas continues to have a large following and influence through Instagram. By sharing visual content like videos and pictures to drive sales, Adidas focuses its social media strategy directly on its products.


GoPro produces exciting videos that feature its versatile products. Its fun videos demonstrate exactly what their customers love: adventure and new experiences.


Wendy's is known for its engaging Twitter content. The brand has gone viral several times with "roast Tweets" and usually keeps it casual and fun during social interactions. It also manages to be informative, alerting readers to its newest deals and limited-edition sandwiches.


Eggo paired with popular Netflix series "Stranger Things," creating iconic spoofs and videos. The company encouraged fans to engage by sharing recipes and videos. Integrating its platform with customers' real-life experiences took its branding to the next level.


Charmin's bears are possibly the most recognizable brand standard out there. With Twitter marketing campaigns like #TweetFromTheSeat, the brand is able to make the most out of its not-so-glamorous product line.


Starbucks is one of the most popular places to get coffee. Its use of clean, bright visuals will catch your eye. By using methods like stop-motion videos and shareable video clips, the company keeps it simple while making a big impact.

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